Dubai Porta-Potty Saga: Angel TV Presenter Exposes East Legon Slay Queens Who Allow Their Dogs To L!ck And Chop Them

Angel TV/FM presenter, Yaa Kyeraa has delved deep into the ongoing Dubai porta potty brouhaha.

The Dubai porta-potty is about girls sleeping with animals like dogs, horses or Carmel and eating the faeces of Dubai rich men in exchange for a huge sum of money.

When the report of ladies especially slay queens travelling to Dubai to sleep with some Dubai rich men and their dogs in addition to eating their faeces for money broke out.

A Nigerian lady came out to confess sleeping with a dog in Dubai for 1million naira.

Yaa Kyeraa reading a report by Newsday newspaper, said some slay queens living around East Legon residential area allow their dogs to l!ck their honeypot.

She revealed that they pour honey or milk around their private part and allow the dog to lick it. In licking the milk or the honey, the dog eventually licks their pu$$y.

Watch the video below;

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