Ghanaian Slay Queen Who Traveled To Dubai For Porta Potty Confesses

Ghanaian slay queen identified as Afia has shared her own part of the Dubai for porta potty saga.

Recently, the news of some ladies travelling to Dubai for expensive vacations, parties and living lavish lifestyles broke the internet after it was revealed how they fund this kind of luxurious life they are living.

It was revealed that these ladies; some from Nigeria and Ghana travel to Dubai to engage in multiple sexual intercourses with some Dubai rich men, and dogs and eat faeces as well to make millions of dollars.

Well, a Ghanaian slay queen has owned up after the Dubai porta potty news went viral on social media.

According to her, the girls who are already into the porta-potty lure their friends into the business by buying them tickets to Dubai and lying to them that they are going to party with some rich men.

She said she was taken to Dubai by her friends who funded the plane tickets and when they got there, she was told she would sleep with about 20 rich men during a sex party.

She narrates that her friends added that she could be asked to even have sex with the rich men animals like dogs or Carmel. Also, you will be forced to swallow the faeces of the men and their dogs just for money.

Watch the video below to listen to the full story;

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