Doing Stupid Photo Shoots Won’t Make You Successful – Diamond Appiah Tells Ghanaian Celebrities

Actress cum politician, Diamond Appiah has sent a word of advise to Ghanaian celebrities, especially the female celebrities who do unnecessary photo shoots for attention on social media.

The failed parliamentarian has come to the realization that most people in Ghana concentrate on the minors when the majors are not been tapped.

To her, it is better to concentrate on making more money than winning favours through social media page likes.

She made this known through a post sighted on her Instagram page.

Diamond Appiah who has an affiliation with the current government advised that people focus on investing their time and money into ventures that will earn them more rather than ventures that will not earn them anything.

She argued that gaining much followers on social media for the wrong and ashawo reasons doesn’t guarantee success.

“Being successful in life is not about doing stupid Photo shoots for valueless likes n comments on the gram. How much money has ur 1million followers, 50k likes n comments converted into ur bank account ?? Stop being fooled by those fakers on social media and secure the bag. Stop investing on stupid stuff n invest in business opportunities that generate income cos the last time we all checked you can’t buy a trassaco mansion with 3million followers but definitely can with 3million dollars. A word to the wise #Lady Boss,” She wrote

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