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Doctor Gives Reports on Injured Endsars Lekki Toll Gate Victims that were Sent to His Hospital

Following the reported tragic killings of unarmed protesters at the Lekki toll gate on October 20, A medical doctor has given a situation report in a video on some patients that were sent to his hospital.

The hospital only identified as Doren hospital, was one of the hospitals that received victims of the shootings.

According to the Doctor, more than 20 injured victims were brought to the outfit and about 17 of them were admitted while the others were treated and discharged.

He mentioned that one of the patients died because he had been shot in the heart while two of them needed to be transferred because of the severity of their situations. One had been shot in the lung and the other in the leg affecting his blood vessel.

Another victim was also undergoing surgery. Other hospitals around the location of the tragedy have also received victims but updates are yet to be given.

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