Daylight Robbery: Armed Robbers attack a Forex Bureau opposite Ghana Police, Ghana Fire Service & Ghana Immigration Headquarters in Osu (video)

A forex bureau that sits right under the Honneysuckle building, a popular restaurant located in Osu, was attacked by armed robbers in a daylight operation.

According to what has gathered so far, the restaurant is located right opposite and adjacent the headquarters of the following security services; the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Fire Service, & the Ghana Immigration Service.

From the video, the armed robbers who stormed the scene with a motorbike entered the Forex Bureau where the took some cash, fired some warning shots, and fled on their bike.

A tweep, Queku_P replied to a tweet on the incident saying, “I was there when this incident happened, i was from the Oxford street, just at the roundabout there are policemen, when i got to the entrance of the police headquarters, i slowed down, i saw th police men at the gate looking at what was going one without any action.



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