I Date 11 Men; I Don’t Have Time To Wash My Panties – Xandy Kamel

The sexy and plump Kumawood actress, Xandy Kamel, has revealed that she doesn’t have time to wash her panties, hence, always prefers to wear black panties.

She said this in an interview with Kweku Manu posted on FILAMAN TV Channel on 11th March, 2019.

The controversial actress who seems to thrive on social media controversies was reacting to the supposed removal of her pant on Kofi TV. According to her, that very act on Kofi TV was to explain fake sex scenes in movies and that what really happened on Kofi TV wasn’t real as she dislikes white panties, the exact one she wore on Kofi TV.

She further said she doesn’t really fancy wearing panties and will always opt for black and not any other color. She explained that she prefer black panties because she doesn’t have time to wash her panties. It is as a result of this that she doesn’t fancy wearing panties.

She further clarified that she also doesn’t wear panties in order to prevent infections from the heat and discomfort panties come with. She also, like the normal controversial Xandy Kamel opened her trousers for Kweku Manu, the interviewer, to testify that she doesn’t put on panties.

She revealed in the interview that she’s dating 10 men aside her serious boyfriend.

She also denied ever deciding to be controversial nor try to be known to prominent people on social media to hype herself.

She, meanwhile, unlike the normal Xandy Kamel advised her admirers to learn the good things she portrays and do away with the bad ones. More so, she asked them not to try and be like her but learn to be themselves as they might not be willing and ready to receive the kind of lambasting she receives from the public.

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Source: Asembi.com

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