Photos Of An Alleged Regular Customer Of Mama Gee Spotted In A Viral Video Pops Up

There is no shortcut to success, anyone who takes a shortcut to success gets caught up in the triangle of shame. Lately, one can’t fathom why these slay queens are all over snatching husbands from their wives and milking well to-do men in societies.

Not long ago, shared a video of young ladies who queued up at Mama Gee’s shop to buy sex and pussy charms to lure and fool men who will in-turn act like babies.

Well, one of the ladies spotted in the video has been allegedly identified as Nhanha Arbynha Hertie on facebook.

Its said that Hertie is a product of Nifa Senior High School.

Comparing the photo captured in the viral video to the photos found on Nhanha Arbynha Hertie’s Facebook timeline, you needn’t a magician to convince you that’s the young lady in Mama Gee’s viral video.

Check the photos below and judge for yourself.

lady in mama gee video1, Mama Gee
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