Criss Waddle Scammed And Used My Money For His Estate In Ghana – Showboy

The 2hgpe gang boss and rapper, Showboy has revealed a secret about how AMG boss, Criss Waddle scammed him and showed him pictures of the fake house.

Ghanaian rapper, showboy who is currently serving his prison term in America after stabbing his old friend, Junior US. The rapper on social media some weeks ago leveled allegations against Criss Waddle and his crew saying they plotted his jail.

In an emotional video on social media, Showboy lamented how he sent a huge amount of money to Criss Waddle to buy him a mansion but he refused and used the money in his Real estate business and sent him fake documents.

He added that he found out he was scammed when he sent some of his 2hype gang crew to go and check out the mansion in Ghana for him but they came to tell him there’s nothing like that for him.

Watch the video below:

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