Criss Waddle Hints On Buying Two Helicopters – HERE IS WHY

AMG CEO, Criss Kwaku Waddle, believes its high time he got himself travelling by air instead of using the normal road for his daily routines.

Criss Waddle seems to be an enemy of roads of-late looking at how he keeps on complaining about the nature of our roads and how complex it is for one to get to a short destination.

Criss Waddle has also revealed he hates getting stuck in traffic and this has compelled him to move in for helicopters.

Today, Waddle, the young rich CEO and musician, got caught up in a heavy traffic. He took to his snap to address his frustrations where he wrote; “the way I hate traffic I think I need two helicopters.”

Criss Waddle Hints On Buying Two Helicopters

Well, for this reason, Gossips24 decided to look-up the prices of Helicopters and as at 2018, they ranged from $250,000 to $700,000.

We think Waddle will have no problem buying two helicopters, we wish him good luck and we hope he becomes the first Ghanaian artiste to own a craft.

Criss Waddle Hints On Buying Two Helicopters
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