Creative arts can take Ghana to greater heights if Government shows interest – George Quaye

Many stakeholders of the creative arts industry have complained about the state of the industry in the country.

According to some of them, the next to no attention the industry is getting from government is hurting the country and the arts.

One of such people is actor George Quaye who has stated that creative arts if given the needed attention can take the country to a greater height.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show on Friday, the actor revealed that the creative art industry’s walls are weakening every day because of the little interest shown by government towards it.

“It is about time our government starts taking a better interest in the art. We would kill creativity if we don’t start turning things around,” he stated.

According to him, people leave the School of Performing Arts, National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) and other institutions every year but end up in banks and other institutions because the arts industry has not been taken seriously.

The ‘Taxi Driver’ actor explained that, as a result, a lot of parents would rather want their wards to pursue careers in law, medicine or business than the arts.

“Meanwhile it is the creative arts that can turn things around and government needs to help shape it up,” George Quaye added.

The actor said because governments have continuously neglected the art industry, stakeholders who are suffering financially have regretted and are still regretting investing all their lives into the industry, “it is very shameful and sad.”

George Quaye stated that it is not about pumping money into fixing the industry but policies like the film bills, creative art bill and many others can help protect the art of people and their right.

The President in his 2019 State of the Nations Address assured stakeholders the Creative Arts Bill has been finalised.

President Akufo-Addo stated that the bill has led to the set up of the Creative Arts Fund that will help which provide financial assistance to creative artists.

The Creative Arts Bill, when passed into law, will also serve as a legal instrument that will help in coordinating and regulating all the sects of the creative arts.

George Quaye, however, stated that some of these actions of government towards the development of the industry need to be fast-tracked and taken seriously to protect the industry.

“The countries that have taken it seriously are doing very well, so it is about time we turn things around,” he added.


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