Close friend reveals that Sunyani-Abesim k!ller owns a huge storey building and over 13 taxis (Video)

A close friend of the Sunyani Abesim murder suspect, Richard Appiah, has exclusively revealed that he owns 13 taxis and an unfinished huge storey building which he has already led the police to earlier last week where some of the body parts of his victims were found.

During an interview with Oman Youtube Channel, the suspect’s bosom friend who identified himself as Nyame Noah revealed this information to the general public.

Nyame Noah further added that when he once went to him for financial aid when he was jobless, Richard Appiah bragged about his properties to him.

The friend also went on to say that after suspecting Richard Appiah of being malevolent, he had to discontinue the surveying and farming work he was doing with him.

In his own words;

He asked me that, upon every one individuals in Abesim for what reason did I Nyame Noah decide to move toward him alone ?

I revealed to him that I’ve seen him driving various Taxis so I see him to be a mindful Taxi driver and a land assessor” Nyame Noah revealed.

 I presumed him in light of the fact that at a point, he will pick cutlass and remain at my back. At the point when I See that, he will claim to weed. When I turn my eyes, he will be gazing me attempting to raise the cutlass once more

The police in Sunyani arrested 28-year-old Richard Appiah, a sports journalist and human parts dealer after he gruesomely murdered three children and kept some meat suspected to be human flesh in his fridge two week.


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