Celestine Donkor Raged; Launches Search For Man Who Assaulted Pastor For Preaching Against Abosom [Video]

Gospel artiste, Celestine Donkor, has set up a defense for a street preacher who was captured being assaulted in a viral video.

The young man received blows and slaps from an obviously infuriated passerby who was triggered by his ministry.

While describing the preaching as noisy nonsense, the young man proceeded to snatch the microphone and destroyed other preaching equipment.

Celestine said the Christian in her cannot overlook the assault.

She has reposted the video in attempts to locate the man and ensure he faces the full vigors of the law.

“I will not rest until I see this guy arrested. May heaven not be quiet on this wickedness. How can you beat up someone like this just because he is preaching? What happened to our freedom of worship?” she captioned.

The Agbebolo composer fears gospel musicians will suffer the same fate in future if nothing is done about the situation.

She urged Christians to defend their fate, referring to how Muslims guard their religion.

Watch the video below;

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