Captain Smart will be k!lled very soon by some NPP politicians – Popular prophet drops doom prophecy

A so-called end time seer of God who goes by the name Prophet Kwaku Poku; Has dropped a doom prophecy on the head of highly opinionated Ghana astute journalist and lad member of the #Fixthecountry campaign.

According to this man of God, some evil politicians who belong to the NPP fraternity have plans underway to see to the death of Captain Smart at all cost because of his regular attacks on them aimed at exposing their corrupt deals whiles in government.

The man of God further projected that, if care is not taken, Captain Smart will be shot dead between October – December because his enemies have hired hitmen to shoot him dead with the slightest opportunity they get.

Prophet Kwaku Opoku also added that he has prayed about it after God revealed this evil plot against the Onua TV presenter so as to avert it.

Meanwhile, Captain Smart himself has revealed that his wife has also warned him to abandon the #Fixthecountry campaign because she sees death looming over his head.


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