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Prince David Osei proves that he’s part of the problems in the country as he speaks against the #fixthecountry crusade

Prince David Osei is a big time idiot and nothing can force me to believe otherwise, as we are fighting for a better Ghana – He on the other hand who has allowed the partisan type of politics to cloud his commons sense has threw shots at the #FixtheCountry campaigners.

According to Prince David Osei who can’t reason beyond ABCD to know that our lives with automatically be fixed when the country is fixed, we should end demanding better governance from Nana Addo to focus on our lives.

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He wrote on his Twitter page;

Ghana will be better and well-fixed if we the citizenry fix ourselves first.. Say no to Hate, Greed, Selfishness, Nonchalant Attitude, Tribalism.. We move!! #fixyourself 🇬🇭 and then Ghana will be fixed for all to enjoy!! ❤️ #wemove… Is it not the same human beings that works in government and a place of power? Are they not citizens of Ghana?? From the church to the flagstaff house is all corrupt!!! So let’s fix ourselves first, that will translate to fixing our country Ghana!!! Amen

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Take a look at the screenshot below to know more…

Meanwhile, the hashtag #fixthecountry has trended on Twitter GH for the past 48 hours and counting.

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