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Seek for essential facts on the ongoing crisis before you pass judgment – Buhari tells neighboring countries.

Seek For essential facts on the ongoing crisis before you pass judgment-Buhari tells neighboring countries.

The president of Nigeria seems to have been overwhelmed pressures diving at him to address the ongoing instability in Nigeria.

Prior to a statement the Leader released today, he seems to have made matters worse when he literally told other concerned countries to stick to their own issue if they do not have facts about the pending crisis

To our neighbors in particular and the members of the international community , many of whom have expressed concern about the ongoing development in Nigeria, we thank you and urge you all to Seek to know all the facts available before taking position…” the president said

This statement by Buhari has been identified by the people of Ghana as a blunt insult to the Ghanaian president and ECOWAS chairman and his effort to seek peace.

Buhari and his administration still create doubts in the minds of the whole world on the matter of if he is interested in restoring stability in Nigeria.

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