Pope Skinny broke?

As shatta Wale celebrates his birthday, many well meaning Ghanaians have poured in to wish him well including the head of the action chapel international, Archbishop Nicolas Duncan Williams.

Least expected among these well wishers is Pope Skinny who has separated from his benefactor for years. Amid hatred and dishing him, Pope Skinny has condemned Shatta Wale on many occasions.

Many were surprised to see Pope Skinny cunningly reuniting with his old friend Shatta Wale

Observers on social media who have seen and read the message by Pope Skinny to Shatta Wale have drawn conclusions that things are not well for him.

They claim, that survival instincts has forced Pope Skinny to eat the humble pie and beg his long time paddy for forgiveness.

We will keep eyes on how things turn out and keep you posted

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