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Brazilian politician calls for footballer Robinho to be jailed ‘immediately’ for his role in a gang rape in Italy 

A Brazilian politician has called for Brazilian footballer Robinho to be jailed ‘immediately’ for his involvement in the alleged gang rape case of a 22-year-old Albanian woman at a Milan nightclub in 2013.

The 36-year-old former Manchester City was convicted of rape in 2017, with a nine-year jail sentence handed to him by an Italian court, but his appeal process with the Italian courts has been ongoing since then.

Despite denying the charges levelled against him, Robinho was suspended by his Brazilian side Santos just a week after signing for them as a result of the ongoing case.

According to the club, they want the Robinho to concentrate exclusively on his court defence in Italy fully.

But the Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights in Brazil, Damares Alves in a sharp rebuttal of the ongoing case has called for the arrest and jailing of the former Real Madrid poster boy.

She argued that the alleged crime ‘deserves no consideration’ despite Robinho appealing for conviction.

“Prison immediately, I have no more to say,’ she told the media, as reported by Marca. ‘There is still an appeal, but the leaking of the audios … What more do you want? Prison. No rapist can be applauded,” she said.

Damares Alves further stated that Robinho’s remarks about the woman caused her nausea and that he ‘does not deserve any consideration’.

“The sensation of that caused me nausea, I wanted to vomit,” she said. “It was fatal to read what I read from a player of his size.”

“That is a crime that does not deserve any consideration for the abuser, the rapist. We do not have to make concessions with this type of crime. He has to serve the established penalty, or there or here, immediately.”

In light of the ongoing case, the former AC Milan man has insisted that despite making ‘contact’ with his accuser, everything that happened at the Sio Cafe was consensual.

“A girl approached me; we started to have contact with her consent and mine too… then I went home,” he told Brazilian outlet UOL.

He also indicated that after leaving the club, his friends stayed with the accuser and had consensual sex with her.

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