Black Sherif’s ex-financier loses court case against the musician

The Accra High Court has denied a request for an injunction made by the musician Black Sherif’s former financier, Mr. Owusu Shadrach Agyei, to stop him from performing his song.

On Tuesday, July 26, the injunction was cancelled because the plaintiff, Shadrach Agyei Owusu, failed to offer evidence for why the injunction should be granted, according to the court’s indications.

On April 11, 2022, the former financier filed a lawsuit against the musician after hearing rumors that he had left the agency and signed a new contract with Empire Entertainment without their knowledge.

The musician was to be given an injunction preventing him from playing at any events up until the legal dispute is resolved.

The lawsuit also demanded that another injunction to be placed on the funds the musician gathered to prevent him from gaining access to the funds until the case is resolved.

Mr. Owusu sued the defendant for breach of contract and requested GHc1 million in damages.

As a result of Samson Lardy Anyenini, Black Sherif’s attorney, opposing the injunction, the court on Tuesday, July 26, 2022, dismissed the injunctions against the musician.

The judge who oversaw the case, Justice Akua Sarpomaa Amoah, declared that granting Mr. Owusu’s request would be unfair to the defendant.

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