Big Akwes Has Been Begging Me Since I Sued Him-Lil Win

Ghanaian actor lil win has come to reveal that Big Akwes has been begging him to forgive him ever since he decided to report him to the police as well as sue him for tarnishing his image.

The actor who was speaking during an interview at Rainbow Radio revealed that Big Akwes after he was called by the police for interrogation started begging him to forgive him and let sleeping dogs lie.

Lil win further went ahead to state that Big Akwes called his pastor to beg on his behalf but even tho he had forgiven him, the matter is still in the court.

According to Lil Win, Akwes is claiming that he has created a youtube channel that is not bringing him much money so he decided to use the movie star as a point to get more people to visit his channel.

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