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Shocking! Bible found unharmed in a shop that was completely burnt down inside the Odawna market

An unharmed Bible was found in a kente shop which was inside the Odawna market which was gutted by fire earlier this week.

According to the owner of the Kente shop who has suffered a huge loss because of the tragic incident, the Bible was on the same time which he had packed some Kente clothes and some undisclosed amount of cash on.

Surprisingly, both the Kente clothes and money all burnt to ashes but the Bible was left safe.

When the media asked the shop owner who has been identified as Philip what he had to say regarding the observation, he is reported to have said; “

What happened at the Odawna Market was a massive disaster but the Bible was able to survive which proves the power in the word of God and the fact that it needs to be regarded with all seriousness…

Check out the image below to know more…

Source: Gossips24.com

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