Benedicta Gafah Took Me To A Spiritualist – Xandy Kamel

Attention seeking actress Xandy Kamel has said on record and live TV that, her colleague actress Benedicta Gafah took her to a spiritualist.

According to Xandy, Gafah told her they were going to see a man of God in Kotwi a town in Kumasi, but to her surprise it wasn’t a man of God they met when they got there.

The actress said when they got to the town, they further went to an isolated house in the middle of a bush to meet the so called man of God Gafah told her about.

“A man of God won’t ask me to bring a black goat for him to kill and spill the blood on me “,

she said in an interview with Abeiku Santana on the Atuu show.

The two acctress have been on each other’s neck for some time now, accusing and bashing each other left right center.

Xandy has been in the news lately for one reason or the other, and of course she enjoys the publicity so she keeps dirtying herself on social media.

Watch full interview here:

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