Being An Celebrity Has Helped Me Win More Souls For Christ – Majid Michel

Ghanaian actor who is now a preacher, Majid Michel in an exclusive interview with Adom News revealed that he has been able to win souls for Christ because of his celebrity status.

Majid Michel, who has been a role model for children, especially those who have had the passion to be actors in the future, revealed that because people love him and want to be like him, they intend to lend him their ears and time when he approaches them for the word of God.

He said:

“Most young people and children growing up look up to me, thus I am the model for them,”

Therefore, he said, “when I combine them and tell them certain things, they receive them in good faith.

Typically, you listen to someone who is accomplished in their field and whom you look up to since achievement is your innate motivation.


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