Been A Celebrity Has Caused Me A lot-Kofi Jamar

Popular Kumericain artist Kofi Jamar who has fast gain prominence after his “Ekorso” track has revealed how been a star has caused him to lose a lot of things as he no longer is unable to behave like he used to do.

Speaking during an interview Kofi Jamar revealed that he used to wear slippers and go about his days without thinking about the next person close to him but all that has changed after he became a celebrity.

The Kumasi rapper who recently performed at the party in the party that took place in London added that being a star tho has a negative aspect it has also made him very responsible now since a lot of people look up to him now in everything they do.

“I used to live my life as a normal street boy but lately am unable to do that as I now have to dress and behave in a particular way because a lot of people look up to me now” He was heard saying.

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