Beef Alert: Dada KD Vrs Lumba; Accusations, Insults At Flag Staff House And More Revealed

We will never get over the beefs in the music industry whether in Ghana or abroad because so many people have bitterness in them at every point in time in this music business.

In a recent interview with Abeiku Santana, he said beefs in our creative arts industry cant promote tourism so its obvious he is shying away from that. Like it or hate it, the beefs have their kind of contribution they add to the promotion of the music we do.

The latest beef on the desk of journalists at is highly expected because the names and voices of the beefing artistes are enough reasons for them to battle for supremacy.

Whilst the complainant is Dada KD a highlife artiste, the defendant is also called Daddy Lumba- a straight issue of identity crisis.

They have have both enjoyed prominence in the music industry in Ghana especially in the department of Highife music and “look alike or better still sound alike” in their voices makes the beef imminent and intense.

Dada KD is known for several hit songs including Tekyerema, Odo mu anigyie, ene menye and more whilst Lumba is also known for songs like Aben waha, Ghana mmaa and several others.

In fact, they all sing beautifully about women and love to the admiration of ladies.

To those who have followed the Ghanaian music scene for sometime, you might have heard a hint about the seemingly cold war between these two musicians therefore when Dada KD started opening some keys about Daddy Lumba on Power Drive hosted by RTP award winner Agyemang Prempeh Agyengo on Power 97.9FM, it was obvious a long time beef was being rekindled and he KD confirmed it.

According to Dada KD, he does not understand why all the songs he has without videos have been credited to D.L. He also talked about Lumba blocking his shine by preventing him from playing gigs that he has also been billed to perform on various occasions.

His sadness was when a lady in his car told him how she enjoys a song he was playing in his car and added that the song belongs to Daddy Lumba.

“Daddy Lumba met me at Flag Staff house and asked me what nonsense i am saying about him. I looked at him silently and passed because i know he does not want me well. He is the reason why i am not releasing so many songs because people will say he wrote it for me. He should come out to say he does not write for me to clear the air”

Dada KD told Agyemang Prempeh on Power Drive on Power FM.

We also know that there might be another ignition of such a beef between them at their political party level where each might be competing for favours from the leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) or maybe the president Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo.


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