Becca’s Husband Is A Thief – Becca’s Mum

Becca’s Mum has been ranting ever since Tobi Sanni Daniel sidelined her and prevented her from meddling in the affairs of her daughter.

In a live video chat with renowned blogger, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, the woman who gave birth to Becca at age 15, made some dirty revelations about how her relationship with her daughter has turned sour all of a sudden.

Recall, reported on how Becca’s husband, Tobi Sanni Daniel, referred to his mother in-law as a witch who wanted to destroy his wife, Becca.

In the recent revelation sighted by, a portion of it, Becca’s mum talks about the root of her disagreement with the couple revolved around the fact that she has warned her daughter to be prudent when it comes to finances, which apparently has angered her husband.

These warnings preceded the couple getting married but it seems to have created resentment between Tobi and Becca’s mum.

However, according to her, the only reason Tobi would be worried about her warnings is because he’s a thief who has his eyes on her daughter’s money.

“I’m not the one in charge of Becca’s finances, the only advice I give her constantly is that she should be careful of how her wealth is managed. But since Tobi is a thief, a thief always thinks a(nother) thief is coming to steal something from him,” Becca’s mum passionately said.

“Of course when you’re the husband, you have to take care of the family, but the fact that you’re a thief you think that I’m coming to steal from my own daughter?

“If you want to chop all her money that’s up to him, and her,” she added.

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