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“Dr Bawumia and his wife have worked like donkeys for the NPP” – Manasseh Azure fires once again

Ace-controversial investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure who has now become a thorn in the flesh for the NPP party has fired hot shots at the bigwigs of the ruling government once again.

In a controversial article which he has shared on his Facebook wall dubbed “BREAKING THE EIGHT” – The former NPP darling boy cautioned the NPP party not to shove down Dr Bawumia’s presidency ambition because he has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he’s the best candidate for the party.

He further counselled that the veep’s competency should be used to assess him and not because o his tribe (bearing in mind that NPP is considered an ‘Akan party).

Analytical Bawumia wrote;

The discussion should not be that it’s unwise to field another Akan in the next election. The discussion should not be that Dr Mahamudu Bawumia must be fielded because he is a “northerner” or non-Akan. If the most qualified candidate in the line of succession is an Akan, he or she should not be sacrificed on the altar of ethnic consideration.

I’m from the north, but if you field a known thief or vindictive and intolerant candidate from the north, I wouldn’t be stupid to vote for that person just because he comes from my part of the country.

So, the NPP should scope the discussion and debate appropriately if they want to weave Bawumia’s relevance around the fabric ethnicity. They should scope it this way: He is one of the greatest assets of our party today.

He is partly responsible, in a significant way, for our victories in the past two elections. He and his wife have worked like donkeys during campaigns and we have tangible results to show for their sweat in certain identifiable electoral quarters.

He is part of the reason many of us have enjoyed or will enjoy the power and its trappings in the eight years. He has shaped national political discourse. His influence has made the economy the centre of discussion in our national politics in a way that has never been seen before.

Source: Gossips24.com

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