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Awards Don’t Feed Me But Please Give Me Some – Shatta Wale begs Charterhouse

The campaign that Shatta Wale is running in an attempt to win many awards at the upcoming VGMAs is so intense you would be forgiven for thinking awards are the only thing Wale cares about.

The fact that Wale has in the past derided awards that he failed to win, making him a complete hypocrite in this instance, doesn’t bother him at all one bit.

We all remember with fondness how Wale said awards would not feed him when he failed to land a BET nomination and Stonebwoy did, implying that money was more important than awards.

He also disparaged the VGMAs for the years that he was not part of it but now cannot go a day without campaigning for awards.

Charterhouse has introduced the ‘Artist of the Decade award’ for this year’s 20th-anniversary show and Shatta Wale has revealed why he believes he should be the one to win.

According to him, he has done more for the music industry than anyone in the last ten years and thus should be given the award.

Read his rant below…

“Only one man fought and Asked Questions for the Betterment of the Game over the Decade, Only one man Fought so Event Organisers can Pay Well over the decade, Only One Man Introduced and Taught the Significance of Fanbase and Following Over the Decade In Ghana, His Name is Shatta Wale.

“If being Controversial is what would change the Game for better, Then I am the Controversial Man that Questioned the System to ensure We all enjoy even the Silent and Holy onces. It’s my Questions that are being answered to the advantage of all Players of the Game.”

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