Aside being silly, Akuapem Poloo has positive effects – Osarfo Anthony

According to Osarfo Anthony, Ghanaian celebrity blogger, founder and managing editor of, even though most of the things the mother of one does in the media space are tagged needles and uncultured, it has thought him one thing, which is with determination and focus, one can do whatever he or she wants.

Anthony has written a nice masterpiece to highlight how the attention seeking and controversial actress, Rosemond Brown, aka ‘Akuapem Poloo’ has helped him finish a book he was writing.

With what he describes the “POSITIVE AKUAPEM POLO EFFECT”, the blogger says he has effectively finished writing his 120-page feature manuscript and is currently on a new one.

He wrote,

Silly Akuapem Polo – Epitome Of Determination And Focus

I don’t have to re-introduce her to you by now. She’s just Akuapem with Polo added – but real name is Rosemond Brown.

I remember the early stages when she started courting attention with her fatuous capers, a friend chat me and lauded me for not using my medium to publish or give her attention. I laughed out loud. I told this dude, “I may when I feel like – not because of what others think or say about her.”

We can all loosen up, embrace life, and appreciate the fact that not all humans will use the intellectual acuity of Ernesto Che Guevara or philosophical abilities of Bertrand Russell to make fame, money, or relevance.

I’ve monitored Akuapem Polo over the period. Whilst I see and read many attacking her for the lifestyle she’s living, I have a slight digression of opinion on her. She’s inspired me. I’ve drawn something positive from her – and that is, DETERMINATION and FOCUS.

Almost each day, she pushes one silly thing out there – that is determination. She doesn’t give a fuck and knife what you think or say – – that is focus. She’s been consistent at it – that is determination and focus combined.

I have a good number of stories I have to screenplay – but I felt too lazy to do. So once (last year) I sat down and said to myself:

“If Akuapem Polo can be so determined and focused in selling folly on a daily basis and it is working for her, then I’m just not serious with myself and my talent as a storyteller. Osarfo, you are not determined! You are not a go-getter! You lack drive!”

I dare share, that between last year and now, I’m done with a 120-page feature script, and currently on the second one. Call it the POSITIVE AKUAPEM POLO EFFECT. Such is life. Life is about what you choose to see or take from any situation or character.

You may see Polo as a clown, ONLY, I see her as a clown too – plus something that inspired me in completing my abandoned script.

To those of you who believe you have something deep, beneficial, developmental, etc for our society, be it in whatever capacity or form, ask yourself – “Have I been determined, focused, and consistent in pushing it, sharing it, hyping it, promoting it, for the world to credit me, recognize me, or celebrate me as Akuapem Polo has or is doing?”

At least Akuapem Polo has something to her credit – – folly. What about you? What about you Mr./Mrs. Writer, Poet, Painter, Stylist, Playwright, Model, Dancer, Dancer, Fashion Designer, and the likes? Have you pushed enough as Polo is doing?

If no, then don’t waste data and time insulting her. Rather, let her inspire you. Tell yourself, if someone is pushing folly and getting results, I won’t – I will push something worthy. Akuapem Polo makes the lines in the song so true: “You can get it if you really want. Try, try and try, you will succeed at last.”

On another leg, this Polo from Akuapem, revealed something in an interview I believe many did not cogitate upon. She said, “I was featured in a lot of movies but I didn’t become popular until I started doing the stupid things that I am doing now. I do a lot of stupid things…”

The big question therefore is, what and who gave her the attention? Ghosts? Flying angels in heaven? Ironically, the ones who denounce her; troll her; hate her – – are the very ones who circulate her content. In their minds, they are condemning her – oblivious of the fact that they are promoting her cause. Why reach out to something you detest?

This feeds into her assertion that you, yes you, are one of the numerous people who have helped her to become popular! Akuapem Polo – – iiiiidey paaaaaiiinnnnn you. Lol

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