“Any man who requires you to cook fresh meals everyday is evil” – Popular Female journalist, Tope Delano

Nigerian journalist, Tope Delano has shared the story of an undisclosed Nigerian artiste who made his wife cook fresh meals for him every day.

Delano said she is a friend to the wife and had visited the couple during their first year of marriage.

The journalist said she discovered the woman cooked every day as her husband, the singer, would only eat fresh meals.

She Said:

i have this friend whom I visited a year after she got married, she married a known singer who has since faded into obscurity (babanla werey ni bobo yen).

Anyway tday I visited she was in the cooking with a baby strapped to her back, they lived in Lekki..we got talking and my friend soon blurted out tht her husband only eats fresh meals. I was taken aback then confused cos ko ye mi.

Dear ladies, any man who requires you to cook fresh meals everyday is evil and wants nothing good for u, if u meet such a man, run!”

Read her tweets below;

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