Angry residents block Sogakope barrier over Assemblyman’s murder

Angry residents of Sogakope South electoral area in the Volta Region have once again blocked the main Accra-Aflao road at the Sogakope bridge following the killing of the assemblyman for the area.

The youth mounted a roadblock checking vehicles for traces to the murder of the newly elected assembly member murdered in his house at Sogakope on Sunday dawn.

Yesterday, published a story of an assemblyman for Sogakope South Mawutor Marcus Adzahli, popularly known as Mac Greenline who was shot to death in his residence in Sogakope.

According to reports, the unknown assailants broke into the deceased bedroom where they found him in the company of his wife. They were both stabbed with a knife, after which the husband was shot in the head.

An eyewitness who is also a resident said the wife, after gaining consciousness, told them the assailants were offered all the money they had on them but they didn’t appear interested in the money and therefore rejected it.

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