Angry Father Beats Daughter Mercilessly For Engaging In Lesbianism – VIDEO

An angry father has beaten his daughter mercilessly for engaging in woman-to-woman affection (lesbianism).

While others are leveraging the use of technological devices and social media to their advantage, others are using it to pollute their brains as well as others.

Teenagers are beginning to practice the lifestyle of engaging in several wayward activities just because they have been exposed to a lot of pornographic materials.

Most parents don’t care what their teenage daughters do on social platforms and those who care are either described as nefarious people or prehistoric people but this responsible father doesn’t care what they say about him as he keeps a close eye on his daughter.

He spotted a video that she had posted online which captures her loved-up moment with her lɛsbiaŋ partner.

After screenshotting the video, he confronted his daughter and disciplined her for lacking good morals.

However, towards the end of the video, she was seen being beaten by her family members also
Her father who spoke in Igbo was spotted [email protected]ŋgliŋg her and asking why she is “practicing lɛsbiaŋism”.

Watch the video below……………

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