Amerdao slams Obibini for claiming that he has achieved alot in life than him

There’s a new brewing beef in the showbiz industry and we can’t wait for it to mature so that we feast on it like Christmas Jollof.

Amerado is enraged that Obibini snubbed him in a line in his Tim Westwood verse by referring to him as a ‘wudini.’ That line, according to Amerado, was merely a lyrical flow, but he is prepared to face Obibini on the battlefield.

Whiles speaking in an interview with Mz Gee on TV3 NewDay, Amerdao who sounded disappointed by Obibini’s answer, that he, Amerado, “has not attained,” implying that Amerado isn’t successful enough to call him out in any way or place.

Obibini, also known as Wudini, has dropped a message for Amerado involving the notorious “wudini” line from the Tim Westwood video.

He said;

They haven’t reached. They go fi rap all the rap for the world, but I’m the n***a with the Porsche. If you rap better than me, ride better stuff.

Amerado, on the other hand, has refuted claims that he took dig at Obibini. And if the term “one wudini” was used, it was simply a name that rhymed with his bars.

He said;

I didn’t mention Obibini’s name, but if he doesn’t like what I said, he should go to the studio and diss me. What has he achieved more than me? He shouldn’t get me pissed. What has Obibini done in this world?

What has Obibini done in the world? He should just support a young guy trying to elevate Ghana. Why is he not talking about the fact that I was so selfless, and I mentioned almost everybody’s name trying to project our Ghanaian music to the world? Did I even go straight at somebody

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