Always Warm Your Food Before You Eat – Mutombo The Poet Shares Experience

We live in a country where almost 60% of the citizens, especially those living in the capital city, buy most of the foods they eat directly from food vendors, and most people go in for the cheapest without checking the hygiene conditions surrounding the food.

In a recent tweet by Ghanaian-based spoken word artist, Mutombo the poet, he shares an encounter he recently had with a Waakye vendor at Fandama and advises his followers to always make sure they check the food they eat and also make sure foods are heated before consumed.

He wrote:

Last week Thursday I had a little fight with the waakye seller I discovered at Fadama. Her fish, gari, etc we’re not covered and flies were just displaying. Told her it not cool at all and she got angry, for my waakye and left. She was me this morning and was shocked…

I think she thought she would never see me again. Nah! Your waakye is fire but hygiene is poor and me dier I will tell you! This time only her fish wasn’t covered and she quickly covered it when she saw me. Warm your meals before you eat!


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