Embarrassed Akuapem Poloo blasts and curses her movie husband for allowing her wife to discipline her

Evidently, Akuapem Poloo met her meter yesterday after the wife of her movie husband brutally censured her for being a husband snatcher.

According to reports, the wife of Akuapem Poloo’s movie husband flew all the way form UK down here to castigate the video vixen for trying to break her home.

Sighting from a video which is fast trending online, the wife was gravely angry and wanted to beat the hell out of Akuapem Poloo if not for the interference of the people who were present at the scene.

No matter how hard and convincingly Akuapem Poloo tried to explain to the woman that the wedding ceremony was a scene from a music video, the angry wife disregarded all such just to lash the loudmouth social media commentator.

Reacting to this embarrassing saga which has taken over socail media trends; Akuapem Poloo has rained heavy insults on the man for not telling his wife that it was just an act and not a real-life incident.

In a post she shared on her Ig page, she wrote;

Oh God please hold my heart always🤦 @kingmondomusic you will pay for dis

How can you let your wife embarrass me this way😌 you’ve told her the wedding videos that came out was a music video so she left UK to Ghana just to do this to me wow wow 😩 thanks to somebody saw her coming and took a video for me I will everyone know about what your wife did today ‘

Source: Gossips24.com

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