Adebayor advises Funny Face to stop his beef with Lilwin and focus on positive things

Funny Face and Lilwin have been at each other’s neck for a while now and it has only taken the intervention of Adebayor to call for ‘cease fire’.

Things were getting out of hand with both parties and it only took Adebayor’s intervention to calm his party – Funny Face down.

According to Adebayor who is the engine behind Funny Face’s success, the stand up comedian must ignore all the negativity surruounding him.

Adebayor simply advised Funny Face to let the past sink and rather focus on the positive aspects. He said all these negative things are engineered to slow down Funny Face’s success.

Adebayor’s advice read; “Please funny face you don’t need all this negativity in your life. They are slowing you down for nothing. Please let’s focus on positivity man I love you”

A listening Funny Face replied; “tax bro… GOD BLESS YOU…it’s da car ooo bro it’s da car aaah !! Dis whole thing is not abt da awards..”

Read their conversation below:
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