Actress Xandy Kamel takes off her dross on live television

Kumawood actress and singer, Xandy Kamal has done it again. She has done what we’ve never seen on live television before.

I guess you all are thinking right now what the crazy thing could have been. Well in a live interview with Kofi Adoma Nwanwanii, she took of her dross to show how some of the sex scenes in a movie is actually done. Yes, you heard right!! She actually took off her dross on live television.

Well maybe this is not as bad since she forced her host Kofi Adoma to press her boobs in an earlier interview. Maybe there is something about her that we are yet to figure out, but it was so shocking when she actually took off her dross on live televisin.

We don’t know if she has some sort of feelings for the host since things like this keep happening between them but on live television is another level kraaa.


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