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Actress Eve Esin Has Been Accused Of Snatching Her Friend’s Husband

Nollywood actress Eve Esin has been accused of allegedly snatching her friend’s husband.

News circulating has it that the actress is a very good friend to the woman whose husband she is being accuse of snatching.

The woman in question has four kids with her husband and reports has it that the actress fed the man with a lot of lies about her friend which eventually led the man to sacking his wife and his four children.

Below is the full post gathered by gistlovers.blog1

As it is now,the man already engaged Eve and is still begging her wife to come back home,say him still wan born two more kids join the previous ones,who go settle this matter like this?👎👎All these yeyebrities be doing the most💔💔💔Ruining home since 1900,if them don hawk their Puna finish,their old age them go dey look for where to retire put,if you get them as friends,shine your eyes well well o,them no get joy,I come in peace.

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