“90% Of Celebs Are Theives” – Bobrisky Supports Okoro Blessing, As She Threatens Suicide

Bobrisky has joined the bandwagon of Nigerian celebrities to react to relationship blogger, Okoro Blessing, house saga. The Nigerian Barbie took to her/him social media account to react to the latest video, Ms blessing shared, in which she threatened to kill herself as she claimed, Onye Eze and his boys set her up.

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The cross dresser further revealed that 90% of Nigerian celebrities all live fake lives and if everybody will mock her, he will never be part of it.  Bobrisky who supported Okoro Blessing after she threatened suicide, said they’ve never met before but she/him was touched by the video of her crying and felt like giving her a hug.  According to unclesuru.com,  He wrote;

” I don’t know you. Have never met you before not to talk of seeing you. But your video when you were crying touch my heart deep. I feel like hugging you to tell you to stop crying . It’s so sad you learn your mistakes in a hard way. But it’s fine. Like I said I’m never in any position to judge anyone in dis life.”

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”All of us be thief na the one them catch we know. 90% of dis celebrities lives a fake life trust me. So nobody should judge anybody. If everybody mock you I will never be part of it. It will still be over is just a matter of time. Pls all her friends should keep a closed eye  on her. Love you  goodnight”

Recall, that on the 23rd of May, Popular relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro Nkeiruka, took her social media platform to show off  a completed duplex, in which she claimed to own. Captioning the photo; She wrote,  8 years after her ex-husband threw her out, she picked up the stones and built a mansion with it.

The CEO of  popular relationship blog ‘Break or Makeup” who celebrated her 30th birthday that very day, disclosed that her new house is a 7 bedroom duplex.

Okoro Blessing who showed off her duplex 8 years after her ex-husband threw her out, disclosed that the incident which broke her made her become an expert in mending.

She wrote; 

Shortly, after posting a photo of the house, The real owner who identifies as Onye Eze, released proof to counter her claim of ownership as he refuted everything the popular blogger, Okoro Blessing  said, which she has no choice than to admit faking a new house claim on her birthday.

Eze Money also went ahead to share a photo of his building plan, an audio conversation was released by the blogger’s friend.
The blogger who further revealed that she has spoken to Eze just to calm him down, admitted seeking the permission of the house’s security guard to take the pictures she posted.

Okoro Blessing also admitted to have spoken to the real owner of the house who returned from China today, via a post she shared on Instagram.

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