65 Year Old Man Goes Into Coma After Been Raped By Two Men

A very sad incident is said to have happened in Nigeria after two men were reported to have raped a man alleged to be in his 60s.

The man who is currently in a coma was said to have left his house after telling his wife and children he was going to a nearby town but didn’t show up after some days.

The wife of the woman who became worried about the incident was said to have had the police coming to her house after a man in the house of the place where the old man was raped reported the incident to the police after suspecting that the two men were harboring a man unwillingly.

Police have been said to have arrested the two men but unfortunately, one of them got lucky and freed himself.

Wife of the man in coma speaking with reporters stated saying;

“We had the police coming to our house to report that my husband is in the hospital as they accused me of leaving him drunk but I told them he doesn’t drink but only uses sniffs which they said ok but told me my husband had me raped though the back by some two men”

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