We couldn’t afford new cloths but today we provide shelter for the poor – AMG Medikal

Samuel Adu Frimpong, popularly known as AMG Medikal has shared a word of encouragement this afternoon to fans. Today is not about him on stage or in his house with his queen, Fella Makafui.

He posted a picture of him in a place that looks like a slum and claims that place was their house some 6 years ago when the house was flooded. He reveals how NADMO had disappointed him and his family at that time when all their hope was lost.

“6 years ago our house was flooded, everything was destroyed! We couldn’t afford new clothes ! NADMO came and told us to take pictures for proof so they help but they never showed up! Today we shop and provide shelter for the homeless ! Never Give up,Time Changes🏆” he captioned.

This truly shows Medikal has been through a lot and if he’s been flaunting his assets lately on social media, there is a deep meaning behind it. Time indeed changes do happen in life so quickly so if you are by any way going through tough times just have patience and trust in God.

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