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23-year-old Ghanaian maid killed in Lebanon

Reports available to Gossips24.com has it that, a 23-year-old Ghanaian maid has been killed in Lebanon.

The lady identified as Faustina Tay on March 13, sent a final desperate message to an activist group she had contacted about the abuse she was suffering at the hands of her Lebanese employers.

About 18 hours later and she was found dead. Her body was discovered in a car park under her employers’ fourth-storey home in Beirut’s southern suburbs, between 3 and 4am on March 14.

A forensic doctor who examined her body found that her death was caused by a head injury “as a result of falling from a high place and crashing into a solid body”.

The doctor found “no marks of physical assault”. A search of Tay’s employers’ home found no signs of a struggle, and the death was being investigated as a suicide, according to a police report.

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