Yvonne Nelson Goes Mad On Twitter After Being Tagged As An NPP

Actress and producer Yvonne Nelson goes dirty on social media calls journalists foolish for writing false news about her.

Yvonne’s actions comes at the back of reports that claims she has said that the NPP has neglected her after demonstrating against the Mahama led administration for the rampant power outages known as ‘Dumsor’.

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson who wasn’t pleased with the reportage on her interview with Yvonne Okoro furiously tweeted:

Foooooolish journalism! Okoro asked if I was NPP ,my reply was simple, I don’t think they even care about me, I don’t think they know I exist! Now, watch the full interview tomorrow.

Angry Yvonne Nelson in another post responded to news that claims she was paid by the NPP to organize her ‘Dumsormuststop’ vigil.
She tweeted:
Who in Ghana doesn’t know my campaign favoured them…. Yes it did!!!!! And NO I WASN’T PAID TO ORGANIZE IT!!!!!!!! Fast forward to now…..I’m living my life and they are living theirs. I’m not a politician! Just not YET!

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