The World is gradually coming to an end, because the kind of things happening these days are signs that, the end is near.

Why am I saying this? After you read this article you will understand why i’m saying this.

An unidentified young man believed to be in his 20’s has publicly challenged God by burning the bible (book which contains the word).

The unidentified man, who hails from Asante Akyem Agogo was spotted in a video with his friends bragging about how he’s going to burn the bible to prove that there’s nothing in the world of God.

According to the young man, the narrative that no one can damage the Bible is a total fallacy, hence he wants to set the example that the Bible can be destroyed.

He was also heard in the video saying that, the bible isn’t for blacks and Africans so there is no need for us to believe in the things written in the bible.

After bragging and making fun of the books and chapters in the bible, he set it ablaze.

Watch the video below:


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