Young Man Gets Operated After Swallowing Nokia 3310 Phone-Photos

An unidentified young man has had his life been saved after he decided to turn his Nokia phone into a yam and swallow it into his stomach without thinking about the effect it would have on him.

According to reports made on Facebook by one of the doctors Skender Teljaku who operated on the young man to remove the phone, he revealed that the man swallowed the phone which got stuck in his stomach but got lucky since the acid in the phone battery did not leak whiles in his stomach.

He further revealed that the man who is 33 years of age placed his life in danger as an X-Ray and Endoscope was done to ascertain the exact place the phone was after he started experiencing swelling in his stomach and immediately rushed to the hospital where he was been operated.

Skender however revealed that the operation was very successful as they have been able to remove the phone from the stomach without cutting the stomach but took it out in three pieces with the help of endoscopy.

See Images below;


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