Yaw tog reveals his spiritual attacks from a friend

Yaw Tog discusses his struggle against evil attacks coming from his buddies. The young rapper’s career failures were a result of an attack from a “false friend,” according to him.

“The person decided to attack me. It was unexpected. It was something that struck me deeply. It was a major setback for me, but I chose to remain calm, pray about it, and compose music because I couldn’t battle the individual.” he said.

Yaw Tog continued to share his experience during his difficult time.

“I feel like I was far too young for my kind of achievement at that time. Yaw Tog said, “I’ve been through a lot, but I’m fine now.

He further revealed how the encounter had enabled him to reconstruct his spiritual life.

You must go through several stages before you can see anything. I’ll say that life is a journey. You must meet many requirements in order to be strong.

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