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Woman surrenders after six rounds of banging with her boyfriend during lockdown (video)

This lockdown has seen many reactions, whiles some are travelling miles on foot to visit their boyfriends, others are complaining of too much banging.

A few days ago, we shared a video of a woman who complained that Nana Addo did not call for a lockdown so men would jump on their wives and chop them till mama calls.

We have, again, sighted another video of a woman who was begging her boyfriend to leave her alone.

Apparently, she has been chopped by her boyfriend six different rounds in a day and could not take it anymore. In the video, the guy was heard begging the woman for another round but she aggressively said no.

She was heard complaining bitterly about how her man has taken advantage of the lockdown to chop her on contless time, she said if not for the fact that security officers will punish her she would have fled his presence long ago. She even threatened, in the video, to leave the bed for the horny man.

This comes after just two days after a woman ran out of their room, protesting against her husband that the sex has become just too much for her that she can’t handle it any longer.


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