INSPIRING! Story of a female university student who sells pure water to fund her education

Education is the key to success, and it is every teenager’s dream to be educated and acquire the requisite knowledge but some lack the support and have to go all lengths to fund themselves in order to do so.

Unlike the previous stories we have heard – women sleeping with men for cash to fund their studies – this 19-year-old girl’s story is touching and different.

This 19-year-old Mass Communication student who studies at the University of Uyo in Nigeria has taken to Facebook to share with the world her daily struggles as she joggles between petty trading and education.

She chose the hard way to sell pure water to fund her tuition. She also revealed her selling of pure water does not prevent her from achieving her goals.

She wrote; “I sell pure water to buy text books for myself in school and sometimes use it to pay bills
I go to the market every Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon after church , i enjoy doing it since i do get money for one or two text books in 2 days. I prefer doing this than sleeping with men for money. Yes I slay but guess what is pure water business. I sell almost 7 or 8 bags a day depending on the lucky day . I’m a mass communication student. Sometimes my friends will be like “babe this pure water business no fit u o” I smile and tell them I love it. I’m a Nigerian writer too, I have two novels and one drama I have published already but due to money issue I couldn’t make lots of copies. Sometimes when I come back I will tired to read but I try my best. I hustle pure water and sometimes sell jellof rice in school, I make hair, slippers and clothes with this my small but mighty business 😍😍😍😍
I’m 19rs old
Please admin approve”


Female university student sells pure water
Female university student sells pure water
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