Will It Kill You To Be Kind To Celebrities On Social Media?, Efia Odo quizzes

Obviously, Efia Odo is sad at how Ghanaians have fire lips on social media criticising every single move and finding lapses around celebrities to make them their preys.

Ghanaian screen goddess, Efia, has reacted to the recent level at which Wendy Shay is being trolled and bullied on social media.

Not forgetting, Efia herself has been a victim on several occasions but has chosen to plead for mercy for Wendy Shay this time around as she describes in a recent tweet that they are just too much.

In a Tweet sighted by Gossips24.com, Efia Odo pleaded with Ghanaians to put a stop to the inhumane act of bullying celebrities on social media. According to Efia Odo, such attacks can result in a celebrity to commit suicide only for these same trolls to turn around to grieve.

She wrote; ”You people in this country ehn, unless a celeb commits suicide then you go shun the cyber bullying and even then you’ll find your next target since it’s known how easily you people forget. When they die is when you start saying good things. Will it kill you to be KIND??’‘

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