VIDEO: Patapaa Amisty Performs To ‘Three’ People In Oslo

Ghana’s most interesting artiste, Patapaa Amisty , has shared a snippet of his performance in Oslo and there are many questions to be asked from the video.

On 24th March 2019, Patapaa Amisty stunned the audience at Düsseldorf -Essen in Germany with an electrifying performance as part on his Europe tour.

The ‘One Corner’ crooner, after enjoying his German girlfriend took the train to Norway’s capital city, Oslo as part of his European tour.

In a video shared by the artiste on his instagram page, he didn’t get the audience and love he received from Germany as it appears the turnout was so bad.

The shouts in the video was not encouraging, and we sighted only three people who were captured on camera, we believe he performed to almost empty chairs, or perhaps, he posted the video to slam his critics who claimed he was not on a tour.

If truly he performed, then this is the worst attendance ever that an artiste has received in a lifetime.

Watch video below:


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