VIDEO: ‘Hollywood Stars Visit To Ghana Was Useless’ – Prince David Osei Claims

During the festive seasons, quite a number of Hollywood actors and actresses visited Ghana, and it seems popular Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei in not overly enthused about their visit.

Prince is of the view that the stars should have engaged stakeholders in the Ghanaian creative industry to share ideas.

” I want to find out if the Ministry of Tourism is behind the Hollywood stars coming to Ghana, being in the creative arts and coming from the creative arts,

I didn’t see when we got to interact with the so-called Hollywood stars who came to town”, Prince David Osei said in his interview.

We are not surprised that these stars came to Ghana because from CNN”s report, they ranked Ghana as the 4th must-visit country in 2019, but Prince David Osei had different sentiments.

He continued saying that,

” I feel if it is a way of boosting tourism they are all in the creative arts industry, they are musicians and actors, so if they come to town we need to interact with them to share expertise and aside that we should have had a workshop. Of what benefit is it to us the actors and the musicians here in Ghana when at the end of the day we saw them at the beach having parties, popping champagne and drinking with some being enstooled as chiefs but we never got to engage them. We in the creative arts never got to meet them or interact with them so I don’t know the essence of the visit if it was for fun”.

Watch Video;

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